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15 March 2010 @ 08:59 pm

Do we, icon makers on LJ, ask too much from your guys? Srsly???
We spend a lot of time effort to make great and free graphics for LJ community, and all we ask in return is respect.

I thought my terms of use were very simple and clear.

Please, respect my graphics and do not alter them, claim them as your own and/or redistribute them without my previous permission. Credit is a must! By not giving me the proper credits, you are automatically claiming the graphics as yours.

A member of this community didnt respect my terms, stole my graphics, edited them and then posted on her/his personal journal, claiming that the graphics were done by it.
For this reason, the member fartherapart was removed and banned from this community.

I will not argue with you and I will not require that you remove the icons from your post. I hope that you be polite enough to remove them on your own. If you want to make graphics for other users, stop stealing them and go dedicate yourself on your own style.

That's all.
thank you very much.